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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Meet baby 2007

Hi guys, after ages and ages of messing around trying to scan this pic off of an X-ray type of sheet. Ta Da..... this is the wee one Joe and I are expecting. And yes it is another womb thumb sucker. Ashley didn't, Natasha did and Jonah did all just to show off for the scan I am sure as they never did it after birth. Go figure huh. But all is well which is good as I have been getting a lot of abdominal pain, which has been scaring me a little. The result is because my womb is having a lie BACKWARDS it is giving me a spastic colon. Yeah sounds like fun lol. Anyhoo, I am fine now that my womb has risen from behind the pubic bone into the tummy so no longer feeling like I need to go.... bad (all day). Ah the joys, but it will be all the worth while when we set eyes on the little one. By the way have you all had a good look at my new wee gorgeous nephew "Sorley".He is just a wee kissable peach. Check out his pics in the proud mum and dad's blogs. He came on the 1st of Dec, which is cool for when we are celebrating Jonah's birthday here on the 2nd of Dec each year they will be one the day before celebrating Sorley's special day at the same time. Too cool huh. I have not been on the computer much as this time of year is hard for me, the girls have gone off to their biological fathers for Christmas, which always gets me down and worried, but thats a whole other story. Hence my absence. But after much naggin from my mum about " aunty Betty is waiting and waiting for you to post something new. well here you are Aunty Betty. Are ya happy now ?. Don't know if I will get on the pc much over the next few days as I still have to do all of my shopping. argghh and we are finishing off house number 4 at the moment aiming to be done by the 29th of Dec. Wait till I post the pics you'll all love it.
Best of wishes to you all over the festive season.
From all of us
Shona Joe Ashley Natasha Jonah and Tiny ( well he/she is only just over 5.58 cm lol)

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 08, 2006

Busy as a bee

This is just a quick post to let you all know that I have not fallen off of the face of the earth. Things here have been so very very hectic. We have had school musicals, school tallent comps which my Natasha won incidentally lol. Ashley getting ready for Trinity College, $362 just for the uniform never mind the fee's but I will be quiet about that. Then we had Jonahs 2nd Birthday which we celebrated at Australia Zoo with baby Bob on his 3rd birthday ( 1 Dec) and Terri and Bindi, not to mention Noddy and Big ears being there too. We all had an awesome day there and I have pick of Bob too and video to show also. Then we had Ashley's graduation party at school with a special mass for them all. Hormones were flying people and they were not mine lol even the boys were crying. Hard for them all to leave as it has been a small school approx 200 students in total and all very close knit to each other. And in between that we have been renovating house number 4 which we restumped and added decks and one more bedroom. Joe has done the Lions share of all the work I can't do much at the moment ( now 11 weeks preg) but have been organising the tradies etc which helps a bit I guess. Feel bad that I have not gotten into all your blogs for a while but have just been so tired come night time and have opted to go to bed with Jonah lol. Poor Joe doesn't get a look in at the moment. Hope I get some energy soon. Will get round you all in the next few days guys but have been thinking of you all daily.