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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hair Raising Sudoku

Hi guys,

hope your all well and happy too. Busy busy busy I have been so so busy lol. A lot of stuff to do with the houses and tenants in and out and shake it all about lol. Finally I have five minutes to myself, well nearly. Jonah watching the wiggles safari, Noah fast asleep. So the house is quiet, very very very quiet. It is the school hols here just now, so the house is usually noisy but not tonight. So I will be off to bed after this for a go at my Sudoku puzzle book. I thought I was good at these till I bought this book lol. I will scan a page in a minute and blog it. Hmmm maybe I gave birth to my brain instead of the placenta lol. I can't seem to get them finished at the moment. Give it a try and let me know how you go. Time yourself at it.....

Good luck guys, Sis you should be good at this lol. Have to go and try to do it now to save face will be truthfull about time lol, that should give someone a giggle atleast. night night peeps
xx shona

Friday, September 07, 2007

Salute to Steve

Hi all, Well what a month this has been, and its only just begun. I turned 33 on the 31st of August. Glad that one is over and then all of these morbit reminders of lives lost. I would honestly think it be better for all the families involved if the media chose to celebrate the lives of these people, Steve and Brocky. Our family are avid fans of Steve and Terri Irwin, they do more than they have to for the wildlife we all say we treasure but do we do what we could. Hmm something to think on. Anyway this is a pic I took at Australia Zoo's Tiger Temple at Bindi's 9th Birthday. And here is a link back to my tribute to them last year. And for all the mums out there Bindi's Fitness dvd is great, it comes with a cd for the car, Jonah loves it and already knows all the words. We will be back up there for Bobs birthday on 1st Dec ( my wee nephew Sorleys birthday) for Jonah's birthday (2nd Dec). We spend the day there for Jonah's birthday. Lots more pics from the Zoo, will post again soon.