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Monday, May 28, 2007

Lady Lumps

Hi Guys
just a quick quick post as my little guy is tired and crying for a nap with mama. So am off to rest my swollen ankles. Enjoy the pics just be kind with the comments lol

Sunday, May 20, 2007

100 th Post

Well these pics are from Mothers Day, that is the two of the family and kids in the Pool at the hotel. Conrad Jupiters Hotel down the Gold Coast. And the other two of our precious wee Jonah at home just being his happy wee self. He has been quite sick this week with a bronchial infection. But still manages to smile for me when I break out the camera. I can't believe that in only a few short weeks my babies will have another sibling to share with. Another big baby.... ouch says I. Am in the nesting stage where I want to get everything ready and the mind is willing but my body just isn't lol I am fighting off something myself at the moment, feel like I have broken glass in my throat and am so so very tired all the time. Thankfully Joe will be home this evening from his workshop up the Sunshine Coast with Dr J Demartini. He called last night and told me he is having a great time talking with John and was already nodding off IN HIS UTE. Told him just tom check into the hotel but I think living with a scottish girl (thats me) has made him spend thrifty lol. Am looking forweard to him coming home tonight to help out with the little guy. All three kids aree watching Jimmy Neutron at the moment so the house is quiet. Don't worry it won't last long, school tomorrow and uniforms to wash dry and iron. I guess I had better get myself into gear and go do all my chores. Want to have the house sparkling for Joe coming home as I will be asking him to take a massive laundry closet down under the house to the other toilet and laundry room. Lucky him, he will get sick of me soon enough when he see's the list of things I have for him to do lol. I am trying to clear out the spare room as it is the one room we have not completed here. Too busy doing all the other houses arghhh. And then I have to paint it and get another chast of drawers from Ikea. This room is more of a walk in robe now lol but I want to turn it into a play room
for the young uns. This way I will not have toys in every nook and cranny. 1st step is getting me out of my pj's.
Well guys take care for now and I will be back again soon with some pics of my big belly for you all xx