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Friday, March 11, 2011

New beginnings

Where to begin, in the last two years lifes taken many turns. But thankfully all for the good. There is a beautiful man in my life "Elton"that I love admire and respect ( he also makes me laugh within an inch of my life). He works in emergency services and is a wonderful man, friend and partner.  

Ashley is now driving on her learners permit and in her final year at school, Natasha is a senior in school and needless to say both girls being teenagers have a very very active social life.

Jonah is now in Grade one at school, he attends Ashley and Natasha's old primary school and much to my surprise I still know a few of the teachers, so here we go again.                    

Noah is getting bigger by the minute, he says he is a big boy and wants to be a Policeman, when he grows up. He starts prep next year but loves pre prep with Miss Nicki his teacher.

Myself well I'm whittling away at life and chosing a new and improved direction. I  am aiming to join the Queensland Ambulance service this year and commence training as a paramedic, that and still writing away. although it might do well to bear in mind that its late here 

Well after much deliberation, (well about 5 minutes) I've decided to share some exciting news, we are expecting. Now before some of you faint or fall off your seats or drop your laptops, we are expecting to have a wonderful holiday in Fiji ... 3 weeks from today !!!! I will include some pics in this post just to drive you all crazy.