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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year !

Hi guys,
Just taking the opportunity to wish you all the very very best for this year ahead. We had a very hectic New year, we stayed down the coast at Conrad Jupiters Casino Hotel and lay by the pool all day lol, ate heaps and shopped yes my favourite part ... we shopped lol. Funnily enough when we got back I took the kids down to Blockbusters to get a movie out ( kids rent free during school breaks) and we got George of the Jungle 2 which we realised was taped at the hotel we had just returned from lol cool huh, the funny thing was it was Jonah that spotted that. For when we were in the pool there was a blue tongue lizard which he kept calling a dragon and when the scene came up at the pool he started shouting dragon hiding in the flowers mumma. The weird part is where they are lounging in the chairs by the pool is at the shallow end where I had Jonah, too weird huh. Anyway when we returned our day turned to poop again. And the long and short of it is, I am having to go back to court against the kids biological father to reduce access. To many weird things going on and well it is time for the girls to have a more normal life now. Esp with Ashley starting high school and girls hitting puberty etc, a time where they need to feel comfortable and safe at home. So please pray that all goes wel for us in this. Esp on the 11 th of Jan. Well I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and enjoyed the time with your loved ones. Take care for now and keep smiling it makes people wonder what the heck your up to. xx
Click on the pic of "Luke Skywalker" to take the test, see who you come up as lol.
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