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Friday, April 14, 2006

From your Mom.

To my dear beautiful children,
You mean so very much to me.
Even when your not your best,
it's your love I'll always see.

I have loved you from the beginning
how much you'll never know.
Until you hold your children
and then you'll know it's so.

You have given me many memories
that are ingrained into my heart
and even when your grown and gone
we will never feel apart.

I wish for you all that life can give,
of love peace and happiness.
With all the good that you can take
for I'd wish you nothing less.

My special special children
I love you each and every one
and my love still grows stronger
with each arising sun.
I love you


HORIZON said...

can l please adopt these children?

Alice said...

They are such beautiful children. I'm sure you all make each other very happy.