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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cloud Appreciation Club.? What the ..

Came Across this web site purely by chance but for some reason couldn't leave it without looking at the photo's. They are good. Love photography so was a wee bit excited by this but I must admit I never thought so many people would be into clouds, well as deeply as these people are lol. Here are some links...... enjoy
They even have their own Cloudspotter's Guideand their Cloud of the Month take a peek Cloud of the Month.

To see the World-Famous Cloud Gallery check out the gallery there are some fantastic photos And don't miss the collection of clouds that look like things. So many fantastic photographs and so little time see if you get sucked in too. If you have any good photos you can send them to them at theirPhotograph Submissions page.

Ps. the photo above is from me... not them ok

1 comment:

HORIZON said...

I was into clouds this morning
~ 'cloud 9' because l was speaking
to you about the next time we will
see each other.
love you sis x