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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Delayed Gratification.

Hi to all our online friends.
Today my sis (Horizon) and I were talking of how much we enjoy hearing from all our new online friends. Let it be known that we cherish your efforts to keep popping in and leaving comments for us. I remember in the beginning of blogging how disheartening it was to come into my blog only to find comments 0 at the bottom of my post, especially after trying to rack my brains for something good to post lol or should I say ROLF. I need to get braodband for it takes an age to get into and return all the comments received but we are getting it soon. Such is the life of a rural aussie lol. But to finish... thank you to all our new found friends TC and GB .
Jonahs mummy


Marsha said...

I like meeting and talking with blogging friends too!! I get to meet people from around the world. I think I am addicted. :)

Tammy said...

I very much like my new sister friends!!
Ya'll are just too much!!
I too used to get depressed when I had 0 comments...kind of felt like I was talkin' to family said they read my blog and they would tell me by phone or in a birthday Florida sister wrote in a card that she read me and I was very "entertaining" lmbo!!
Just no repsonse...I like to case you haven't figured that out yet...and yes high speed is the way to go but sometimes it is not available...that is the reason I did the Father's day pics the way I did because me daughter and my mother do not have high speed and I wanted them to be able to enjoy it...they were not able to see the photo slideshow I did of me through the years. I liked doing it the way I did because I was able to add more commentary.

Hawkeye The Noo said...

I thought the 0 comments was due to me being a BOF that needs to get a life, I still havenot got past 0 comments for most posts but then I guess I am posting for me. Maybe I should go Schizo and leave comments for myself.

Merle said...

Hi Slap me happy ~~Just dropped by from your sister's blog to say Hello.
You two are so far apart, but e-mail is
terrific for keeping in touch. I have
some relatives in Brisbane suburbs.
Take care, Merle.

somershade said...

thats a sweet thing to say.My computer is a little better and I missed posting to you and sis. But hopefully it won't give me anymore trouble.thanks for the post and glad we are friends xxxooo

HORIZON said...

Was just about to post a message- giant burst of thunder so should run and turn mac off-
lots of love sis and totally agree with post.
xx arghhh- flashings!!!!!!!!!