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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Miss Ashley Sha Sha

This is our beautiful eldest child Ashley.
Ashley has been a continual joy in my life.
A friend as well as a daughter.
She is 11 going on 17, very mature for her age, loves fun and has been told she has the same laugh as me.To which she is very proud.
I love you Ashley.
A is for Abundant joy love hope faith
S is for sincerity and softness of heart
H is for herself (honestly herself)
L is for loving
E is for eager energetic and exceptional
Y is for youthful

You are my beautiful young woman that continues to impress me.
Not a human being but a human becoming!


Tammy said...

Very cute kiddo's!!

HORIZON said...

Lovely, wonderful, adorable nephew and niece. Ashley looks like someone l know- hmm.... me!!!!
Poor lass :)
See you both soon xx and Natasha!
Mad happenings at your Auntie's house soon~ get ready.

Sorlil said...

Wow she looks nearly 17, and she has the big blue McCready eyes!

Hawkeye The Noo said...

What a looker, she is goingto be a heart breaker.