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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Queenstown New Zealand

This is a wee pic of the kids last year in Queenstown New Zealand. We had the best holiday there. Great produce too and lots of lovely Paua Shell for me lol. Kids had an awesome time there too
check out these links was the kids favourite, for they got to pan for gold.We had to stake a claim and dug for over an hour but to no avail, but the lovely guy at "Shanty Town" told them where to pan and they found a few more specks, it was so cold to have our hands in water for so long but it was the highlight of the trip for the kids. J highlight was going for the dark water raftng (in caves- no thank you) and mine was enjoying all the peace and quiet. I took over 800 photos in 8 days. LOL so I had fun too. Would recomment NZ to anyone for a great action packed or just a peaceful holiday.


HORIZON said...

Those cosy kids of yours are wonderful!!! I love them so much. Will be so cosy here when l get my arms around them. How much they've grown even in one year??!!
I remember taking Dan and Mel to a similar place to Shantytown. It was a cowboy settlement, had live shootouts and a bit of gold mining too. They loved it- still have the Town's local paper declaring them cattle rustlers! lol
xxx for Ash, Tash and Jonah

Tammy said...

800 pictures in 8 days...girlfriend???

Hawkeye The Noo said...

Surprised you did not get repetative strain injury, you would be great on the XBOX.