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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whale of a time.

This is a picture of my little boy and I in New Zealand 2005. We went for our first family holiday in 7 years to the south island and loved it. Travelling around in a Maui 6 berth van with three kids.

Sounds like hell but we had an awesome time together. Now there is a bit of a clue to our sons name in this picture so see if you can guess it.


HORIZON said...

Nineveh, Storm, Whale, Empty Pool ……… Jonah?????
So desperate to give you a huge hug sis- love you so much and miss you even more.
You've got such a kind heart-not too long to go now.
SW & RR forever!!!

somershade said...

You guys are sister's?
or should I say you girls.

Love family trips with the kids. We are going to the beach soon with 4 grown kids.(Almost grown)ages 13-19.

I vote Jonah is his name.

HORIZON said...

The Lesson
"Now children," said the Sunday school teacher, "l have told you the story of Jonah and the whale. Willie, you may tell me what this story teaches us."
"Yes'm," said Willie, the bright-eyed son of the pastor; "it teaches that you can't keep a good man down."

Sorlil said...

looking forward to meeting this little guy, bet he just loves whales!

Tammy said...

I have enlarged the picture and thought and thought...the others think Jonah...but I thought of Moby Dick! Too bad that whale has to swim around in a dry pool...lmbo!!