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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Not for the Faint at heart

Ok guys time to get honest, I have had the most painful week. I seem to go through certain times of the month where lets put it this way... global warming rises... Last week was one of those weeks lol. Was walking through target at Harbour Town mall in the Gold Coast when one of these such events occured. I could not move and unlike the girl in the picture I had no book to bite.Now we have all had this happen to us at some thime, it's just a matter of who will admit it. Isn't it funny how we have friends to certain degree's where you could do it and they wouldn't say anything and just pretend it never happened or better still try to beat your noise level to make you feel more at home lol. Well here a a few creative ways to escape the embarasment of it.

1.Blame it on one of your kids ( a personal favourite of mine)

2.Walk away giving the man next to you a disgusted look that everyone see's.

3.Hold them all in till one of your limbs blast off with jet propulsion

4.Say Sorry that was me really loud and then the on lookers get embaressed

5.If your in church wait for a loud song to start, or just play your tambourine harder and hope your skirt hasn't inflated on you.

6.Stop eating , yeah right lke thats ever going to happen!

Have you ever done one in the supermarket then ran into the next aisle to get away from it,lol

LMBFFBO ( work it out, be creative lol)

Check out FART FACTS and if you have some better excuses then please let me know.

Till then "Wherever ye be let the wind go free" other words let it out girls lol

Laugh and the world laughs with you but fart and you stand alone!


Sorlil said...

who me?? I never blow raspberries but my dog does all the time ;)

safe journey for you all, happy flying adventures and see you at mum's with a big cuppa tea and loads of unhealthy things like chocolate biscuits!

somershade said...

I accidently let a little tiny whinny one(whatever)slip while cutting a clients hair.I don't know if they heard it,but I just said excuse real fast and hoped that they didn't.Embarrassed me to death.

weirdbunny said...

Oh dear....

Puss-in-Boots said...

That post has made my day! I laughed so much - yes, you guessed it...I did!

Ah, it happens to the best of us, but I remember a friend of mine from years back who had kept her husband so bluffed. She told him girls never farted only men did and because he had never caught her out, he believed it!!

Counting down, 3, 2, 1 - up,up and away! How many sleeps to go now?

Thanks so much for your comment and I look forward to seeing your posts when you are "home".

Hugs to you.

Rosa said...

You are too funny! Of course it happens to us all! giggle. I remember when the hub and I started dating and I accidentally let one loose. He then said, "aw, we were meant for each other!) I was so embarassed, but whatchya gonna do? Momma always said "Never hold in your gasses." I kid you not!

slap me happy said...

I remember being tickled by some cool guy at school and letting one out it was silent but very very vilent lol

shellyC said...

That was really funny!! I wish I was brave enough to say really loudly "Sorry that was me" when out in public!!!

Tammy said...

Dang...for some reason I missed this posting in bloglines!!!
My feed must be off!!
I'm the one that runs in the store if I get a whiff of someone cause I don't want Anyone to think it is!!!

Leish said...

Found you through Tanyetta.

This post was fantastic! Fart jokes will always be funny.

HORIZON said...

LOL- at this post and Somershade. Enjoying you being here Sis. x