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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

RIP my faithful USB port

Sorry guys, I have not had the chance to get into any blogs and the two I have Tammy and Horizon's I only did a quicky as Jonah hasnot been too good. Ashley and NAtasha both have runny noses and a slight caugh and me well nothing I would say online but not feeling real good at all. And just to boot the usb port for my camera has spat the dummy, chucked a tanty or any other way we could put it. It will be fixed on Saturday thank the lord. Took some awesome photo's but can't get them into the pc yet.arghhhh. I have the luck of the Irish this week "No good deed goes unpunished" on a brighter note. "it can only get better" ; ). (OOps now I have a pimple on my chin) these are the two last pics I took before the port died on me. Wel off to bed for me. Will be in when the pc all good to do the tour of homes, could ya'll let me know how lol. I wonder who that comment was for hmmm lol. Take care guys and I will catch up on the posts soon.xx


Tammy said...

awww...hope you are feeling better soon and everything gets whipped into working order!
On my site at the bottom of my right sidebar is the icon for the Tour...just click on that and it will take you to Boomama's site and 200+ bloggers that submited their last count only 7 or 8 people that I knew...but I am following a few that showed up as they were interesting to me...I started to try to make all of them but then thought nahh...let's not and say I did...lmbo!!

FLASH said...

hi, liked those shots. Ain't nature beautiful...
Check out my blog too.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Lee-Ann,sorry you have such a yukky time. Love the clouds and hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

Take care

FLASH said...

Thanks for dropping by, keep coming.

Great day!

somershade said...

I'm excited for your big visit with sis.
Love the photos,one of my favorite I have seen.I love the sky .
haven't posted yet,just wanted to drop in and see ya,xxxooo

HORIZON said...

Sorry we did not have a good old natter tonight Sis... my brain is only wired into the flat packs at the moment. Oh &*& that baby freaks me out- tell me does he stare at you like that???
Nice to see Somershade back online too.
xx rr

Anonymous said...

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