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Thursday, October 05, 2006

First Kiss

So, it's your first kiss and several questions might come to mind:
Is it the right time?
Is anyone watching?
Does your partner even want to?
Is your breath fresh?
And... Should you use some tongue?
Then you lean in and just go for it!!!
Not very fussy is he. ..

very cute though!


Sorlil said...

Yeuch! where do you find these pics?!

Tammy said...


Puss-in-Boots said...

Shona, I just love your sense of humour! I've been reading through your last few posts and the one about the dream and kissing Jared had me roflmao! I'm so glad I don't share a bed with you! Hahaha! (Deleted the comment I put here, double entendre!)

Anyway, thanks for the laughs and I loved the photo of the little kid!

Take care

Love and hugs xoxo

somershade said...

Now thats my kinda kiss.cute photo

Leish said...

Found you from "ky boo gal"'s blog.

Love the photo, too cute, and slightly gross! lol

Kate said...

checked you out from Leish's post! Loved the french kiss blog. My son & his wife lived in Quensland,Au. for a year and loved it!

Michael Manning said...

Wow! My first was with the sister of my very first girlfriend, Joanna Oliveri. Her sister Donna rocked and we were all of 13. Looking back, I had a hell of a nerve. But there were no complaints! lol!