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Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat Smell my feet
give me something good to eat
if you don't I don't care
I'll make you smell my underwear...
Just kidding guys but this time of year fills me with happy happy memories of trick or treating with my American schoolfriends back in Scotland and then coming home with enough candy (or lollies as we say here in Australia) to last till the next Halloween. Candy cones, Hershey Kisses not to mention many many more.
Well Happy Halloween to all of my friends, now back to my hot balls from my aunty Betty in scotland. I have a permanant red tongue lol.



Chrixean said...

Hi! Thanks so much for dropping by my site and leaving an encouraging word. I really appreciate it. I'm being a baby actually for complaining so much about my C-section because I'm just really uncomfortable with the pain (who isn't?). But all in all, I am blessed and happy with the baby and the people who support me, especially bloggers like you who lift me up with your messages ;-)
You have a really early Halloween greeting up! It's an event my eldest son looks forward to every year. Hope you guys have a fun one too :-)

kansasrose said...

Ha this pic is great! Does halloween get celebrated in Scotland like the US? We are up to our bums in candy ( or lollies) the day after Halloween...but it is loads of fun for the kids. ( their costumes are a riot) xxxoooKR youngest wants to be the Titanic this Halloween...:O

slap me happy said...

that should go down well... lol sorry it's 6 in the morning and my sense of humour hasn't woke up yet lol.

Tammy said...

this is too cute!!
I love Halloween too...all the good fun parts of course!!

Teresa said...

Do you trick or treat in Australia?

Anonymous said...

I remember that little saying. We would get pillow cases full of candy and come home and sort them in groups in the middle of the livingroom floor,too much fun.

Rosa said...

Haven't heard that one in a while! never heard the ending with underwear!! hehe

Leish said...

What a hoot!