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Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Friday Guys ; )

Thought this one might give you all a giggle, esp Puss in Boots. How many patients have we had that we have wanted to do this to. LOL. Have had a hectic week and am slowly getting back into gear and catching up with all your posts. Hope your all well and happy. After all it is Friday.

Have a great one guys




Anonymous said...

aaah hahaha!! Loved that, Shona! Wouldn't it be fun to do that?

How's it going with you, darl? Hope the morning sickness is not too foul and that you can keep your breakfast where it belongs!

Look after yourself.

Love and hugs xoxox

sage said...

i hope your feeling better--loved both comics!

Jeanette said...

Hi Shona
Hope your starting to feel a lot better.
Laughed out loud at cartoon,
Take Care

Michael Manning said...

Hi Shona! I am very overdue in thanking you for the support you have shown for Sahara's concert project on my Blog. You are obviously a very loving and caring Blog Bud and I value you!

-Michael :)

Meow said...

Another wonderful funny.
Take care, Meow

slap me happy said...

thanks for the lovely comment Michael, have not had to much time to blog in the last week but will catch up soon

kansasrose said...

Always get a good chuckle here...good to have ya back bloggin Shona...Hope you are feeling better now! Still tossing your cookies hon? First 3 months are the shits aren't they? You are almost to 4th month now and it'll be smooth sailing...I have been praying for you and the babe. How is your little man Jonah? Hope he is better too. Take care and God Bless. kansasrosexxxooo ps I like your suggestion for getting some rain..your'e young and pretty and could get some sympathy from God for some rains...I'm just an old crone and HE would strike me down with lightening to put me outta my misery! ;)

Renae said...

Hey " Turkey" lol.."Christina" here..(Big Laugh). Having way to much fun today and this joke was absolutly priceless! Quiet night at work last night, only had to call the cops many drunks, and one suspicious kid trying to break into things and stealing tip money, you know...the usual night time crap..LOL! Hope your feeling alright. Is the morning sickness letting up now? Or still feeling it? Get some rest. Talk to ya soon.. Renae

Gwen said...

Hi Shona...Loved your joke!!how is the morning tummy going.
Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

It's Thanksgiving for us. so happy Holidays to you and your family.lots and lots of love your way!

krystyna said...

Hi Shona!
I love this funny joke.
I wish you good health.