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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hot with heartburn

This is not my big belly but is close to the size lol. Well as you can guess the computer is back and I finally got five minutes to do a quick post. Hope your all doing really well and staying happy. Life here is still very busy and I have to admit I am running out of energy. Had a lecture from the Gp yesterday to slow down or have an early baby. So am now waddling around with my knees tied together. Ye aunty betty I can hear you saying thats what I should have been doing last september hey lol. Well I now have just over 12 weeks to go and am buggered to put it mildly. Can't believe the kids have easter holidays coming up now arghh where has this year gone. Hey got a funny joke for you all, well it made me laugh ... What do men in Iraq shout in a strip joint.... Show me your fasce show me your face. get it . Not as funny as when someone tells it to you face but you better all be bloody laughing your bums off.. ON a brighter note I have only put on 3.9 kilos LMBO here the phone just rang so ashley jumps up to answer it and hands me the phone through and guess what I just won..... A three month GYM PASS.. and you can guess what I told him. " So you think I am fat do ya.... hmmm no just 7 months pregnant. Oh congratulations mam ( that alone make me feel ancient arghhhh) no he was very sweet and hung up eagerly to get ontop his next winner lol. Cold callers , someone needs to love them hey.
Well it is nearly time for bed for Jonah which means bed for me yippee. it's only 6 15 but that'll do me just fine get him to bed and get a shower and a cup of tea and then pee about 23 times then toss and turn till I get comfy so I should be asleep by around midnight.
Also Aunty betty could you please ask the boys ( or young matt to email them all to me ) when they get the chance to email me at the address you use as I don't know in which safe place i put their email addresses. Love to uncle MAtt and all the boys, especially big kisses from the girls for Reese. Will install kodak agin in the computer soon which will lket me post some photos of us all and the last reno.
Links for Matt on australia, Brisbane, hot babes lol will get organised to send him some paperwork if he could email me his home address.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Shona! It's so good to see you back, big belly and all! A gym pass, eh? You'd think that it could have come at a better time, heheh!

Take care and slow down, as your doctor suggests.

Love and hugs xoxo

Shellie said...

Good to see you back. I am sure your tummy is beautiful. It was always so amazing to me that my body could stretch like that and then return to "somewhat" normal. Never skinny again, but not sagging to the knees either. Did you say if you know what you are having? Maybe I missed that or forgot because I have no brain cells left after being pregnant and nursing so many times.:-)

Renae said...

Good morning!....or evening to ya. Glad to hear you are keeping well. Slow down, yes thats what my doctor told me to or else baby would come early. He tried a month before he should have come. Then I slowed down and the little bugger 'overcooked' LOL !Ended up coming 9 days late. I was due on April fools day with him. What a day to have a baby!!This year his birthday falls on Easter monday.He will be 10. Have a great day, or night. Get some sleep. I know its hard, especially at this point when all you want to do is get comfy. Then you got to go pee, and it all goes for s#@t!LOL! Have a good one my friend.

Renae ("christina")

Michael Manning said...

Okay, Shona. Now both YOU and RENAE have me laughing! Take good care of yourself and thanks so much for stopping by to say hello!

HORIZON said...

Glad the Dr. told you to rest easy- now perhaps you'll listen! Great to see you back online- you changed the font to a smaller size so l'm guessing you have a new pc??? :)
As for the GYM PASS- is that transferable?-lol
Bests and big WIDE hugs xx
I'm taking mum over the water today- we're heading up to take Daniel more food!!! That's about a car load for him :)
Hugs to the kids as well- l bought Natasha's b'day yesterday and a wee thing for J and A.

Gwen said...

Hi Shona..
Nice to have you back,your aunt's
right but it's too late now.
All joking aside hope all is well with you and yours,nice to have you visit again.
Stay Well.

Sorlil said...

wow not long now, the kids will be getting excited, poor you - the memories of permanent heartburn are too close for comfort! Love to you all and smiles and coos from Sorley. xx

Renae said...

Me again, just popped in to wish you a Happy Easter!!! I've also started a new blog called 'Ancient Pathway'. I have a few other name suggestions on there to see if a different one might be better. Pop in and see what you think. Have a great weekend.