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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barney's Number 1 Fan

Hi Guys, this is just a quick post to catch you all up. I took Jonah to a Barney concert at the end of May and he just loved it. He was cool as a cucumber untill the purple feet hit the stage then the hyper drive shot into place. He ran in and around all the other kids (around 100) and kept coming back to me and yelling look mama its Barney. He was in seventh heaven. It was one of the best ever memory making days that I will ever have shared with my son. He danced from start to finish and then I took him out for lunch in the RSL it was held at and guess what ,my little guy that loves food of any kind fell asleep eating. He was exhausted. All of these mums came up to me at the end asking how he had gotten so confident for their kids were clinging onto them lol. He told everyone for days afterwards that he had been to Barneys house lol. Needless to say I had to buy him the t shirt to remember it by, but being a true scot I bought an age 6 lol for the amount it cost it had better last lol. Any way it was an awesome day for him and well worth the money.


Renae said...

Looks like Jonah had a good time.Such excitement for little ones when they get to go see their fav character from the telly. He looks so cute running around the floor. Glad you guys had a good time.
You must be soooo ready for baby by now.When I was pregnant with Brad he went over the time. I always said when by belly button popped out wasn't that supposed to be like a turkey timer...when the thing pops out, the birds cooked lol !!! Have you settled on any names yet? Take care hon, I know its hard to get rest being uncomfortable, but try to. You'll be plenty busy in another week or so!!!! Cheers! Renae

Puss-in-Boots said...

Great to see Jonah had such a wonderful time. My grandkids used to love Barney when they were little and had all his videos.

You must be wishing you were in two pieces by now...isn't the last month of pregnancy loooong and it's when you go over time as I did with my youngest. I thought I'd never give birth.

Good to hear from you, Shona. All the best and keep well.

Love and hugs

Sorlil said...

aah so cute, the wee boy looks nacked in that bottom pic!