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Monday, June 18, 2007

A watched pot never boils

Yes this is me about one month ago ( at 46 inches) around the waist or what once was my waist. Shamu is in the building and his blow hole is getting smaller or bigger whatever way you want to look at it. The hole is stretched but as Renae puts it the turkey timer has not went ding... ( my navel has not popped out lol) As you can probably detect in my tone lol I am a not so happy puppy at the moment. Weeing ever 15 or so minutes and puking every day and we won't even mention what my other end is doing. Out of sight and out of mind for that part ...for the moment. Pubic bone has seperated again and I now walk like a bloody snail through a cabbage patch. When is this child going to pop out to say hi. I am getting braxton hicks like they are going out of fashion and every time they get to 6 mins apart they stop. ARGHHHHHH. Went to the hospital on friday and they did a sweep and stretch, not the most fun I have ever had I must say but it did the trick and got things down there to 2 cm LOL LOL LOL. Have had enough and would gladly give birth now but this wee one is patient either that or has a big head . On a brighter note Joe and the girl are in the garden playing spotlight, (it's dark they have torches need i say more) and all I can hear is giggling mostly from joe. Jonah is sitting in his high chair eating his 2nd tub of yoghurt and watching Stuart Little. So the house is silent except for my terrible typing and my belly rumbling. Dinner is done and so am I for in another hour or so I will be in bed for the night, shifting from one painful position to the next till I drop off to sleep. Any hoo , Joe did something sweet and got me a cd player in the car ( no more barney tapes) the guy came over to our house today and fitted Joe's and mine. We listen to a lot of self help cds etc so this way I can get a break from Deepak Chopra which as the only one we had on tape lol, and a bit of Dido too. Well this white flag is going up for the night I wish you all well, now PRAY I POP PLEASE.


Jeanette said...

Hi Shona, You look ready to pop any time now, Hope you have a very speedy delivery.

Renae said...

Awwww!! You poor thing! You are so uncomfortable.Dinner is done, the house is quiet, you know what means. Sounds like your 'nesting', not resting.That happens right before you go into labor. I think it's going to be anyday now when 'Shamu' makes an appearance. Were you late with the other three? My Ash came 2 weeks early, and Brad was a week and a half late. She was only 6 pounds, he was 9 pounds 11 oz!!!!
Hello!!!!! lol !! Have you got some names picked out yet? Jonah needs a brother named Noah, lol!
Chelsea Dawn is cute for a girl. Anyways, I know your probly trying to sleep right now. So peace be with you. As far as trying to be comfortable, well, that went out the window about 4 months ago. Try sleeping with all the pillows propped up, and bend your knees with a pillow under your legs. Although that may not be good either because it may just encourage heartburn!!!! I think you've had enough of it all by now, lol. K, I'm off. I'll check back in a bit. Good luck to you on a quick and easy delivery. Take care hon. I'm going out to weed my garden now.

Renae (a.k.a. 'Christina' )

shellyC said...

Good Luck!! Hopefully you have popped by now!! I so know that feeling and really feel for you!

All the best to your family

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ooooh, Shona you have my sympathies. Hope by the time I've written this you're in two pieces.

Braxton Hicks, eh? Well, that's a start. Good luck!