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Monday, August 27, 2007

Have a great day guys !

Hi guy's, this is just one of my quick posts to let you all know that I am glad your all in my life. It is great to know that we may not have even met and may never but we all know that if in need of words of support we are all there for each other. Love to you all.
I have been so slack in getting caught up with you all lately but things here have been so busy for us, purchase of one house plans to build one being organised by builders, had to evict some tenants and now looking for two families to move into two properties whilst re financing another one. I do all our admin much to my joy....not .But it saves us money so I can save to go back to scotland next year.All that with four kids arghhhh . Hope you all have a wonderful week guys will catch up asap.
oh yeah and I managed to total my blog background hence the new blog layout. What a week. It can only get better... ; )


meggie said...

Google "You've Got s Friend" it is such a great sog... & so many mean it! Includig me!!

meggie said...

o crap, it ismeant to be, You've got a friend" sog is obviously neant to be song!! Crap, I really stuffed up. Sorry!

Renae said...

Hey 'Snow' , ..'Cinderellee' here. Love the blog layout. So glad to have in my life via the blog world. You are just precious and have a heart of gold !! Thank you for being there for me. (((hugs)))

Sounds like your pretty busy with the houses. We've been playing around with the idea of selling our house and maby building again. We'll see. It's a lot of work, and fall is just around the corner, so I'm not sure if I want to get back into building mode and moving mode once winter has settled in. Next spring I think....sounds much nicer, LOL ! Take care and have a terrific week !! Cheers !

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ye gods, you're busy alright. I'm glad you found time to say hi and I'm so happy you're one of my blogging friends.

I have a funny feeling we don't live too far away from one I right?

HORIZON said...

Great talking with you on the phone this morning- glad also to hear you're saving up!!! That tin came in handy then. l just got stuffed up by slide- a slideshow uploader. Put in 30 pics for you of the bands and people and then it wouldn't save- it froze on me- arghh!
l actually like this background you have but will look around and if l find time- well you never know-lol ;)
love you sis xx
ps- nice what you did for your friend Renae

Michael Manning said...


Kate said...

I missed what you did for renae? What ever it was that is so good of you! Bless you! And I love the new blog look!