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Sunday, April 23, 2006

What would we do without sisters.

Today I woke up late... too late.
Too late to call my sister, you see I am in Australia and she is in Scotland.
This makes it hard to get in touch at a normal hour. So unless I am up before seven I miss out on our wee chat. This 20 or 30 mins of nonesense in my day starts me off on the right foot with a bounce in my step. She is sleeping as we speak.

Hope my two beautiful girls are as close as we are when they are all grown up.

1 comment:

Queenie said...

I like your blog. I live in Canada and have a nice life too, but it's marred by not having enough contact with my sister, who is in Scotland. Glad to see you are keeping in touch so well.

Your girls are lovely too!!