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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Many years ago in Scotland on a warm day. Whilst walking around the back garden of my sisters home. I had a daisy picked for me by my beautiful wee niece and nephew. Do you know what made me think of this.... Well I was going through some old stuff as you do trying to clear out papers etc when I came across a wee purse on a chain for your keys and inside that purse was the DAISY..... I could hardly believe it but it was as flat as a pancake as I had pressed it and put it in there to store only to find it 14 or so years and one continent later. I have put it in my to keep pile for I love the memory that it has with it. And guys as you get older I can still remember you calling it a pity fower. Even as you turn into adults and even although your many many miles away and even if you don't remember me I will always hold onto these precious memories of you both. And these are the reasons I love you so... Nearly crying now.. Grow up well and walk tall guys for you are surely something to be proud of. Love you kids


HORIZON said...

Mum says that it is nice that you have a Daisy to remember things by ~ she has a treasured 'Sweet Pea' and will never let her go.

HORIZON said...

Dan & Mel send their love SW. Looking forward to seeing you again. xx

Hawkeye The Noo said...

You know who I am, I am paranoid about other people finding out my identity, so do not ever mention me by name or relation in any comments on my blog. Luv ya and am a good hero to be watching your back.