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Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Supermen ....Move over Vin Diesel

These are the two most special men in my life (with the exception of my daddy and my lovely wee nephews. Well one is wee and one is not so wee. And not forgetting my bro and G).
I love them all. This picture was taken in our Lounge at Christmas 2005 .....2/12/05 to be exact. Our little boys 1st birthday. He is wearing a matching Superman Tee-shirt to his daddy. J is a wonderful father to all three of our kids, he never fails to get down and dirty to play sport or anything with them. Hand ball ,play station anything active and he likes to win lol. You should hear them lol all very competative but good with the compliments for each others efforts. I love them dearly.


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HORIZON said...

What are you feeding these guys? Too cute.