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Friday, June 09, 2006

Breastfeeding in Public

Got this pic in an email months ago and was lucky enough to find it online today. Went today to Kmart to pick up our suitcases for our up coming trip to the UK.
72 days to go now.
But standing at the checkout my wee boy started to shout "Boo Boo"ma ma boo boo nigh nigh which to me means mum could you please take five minutes out of your busy schedule to let me have a fresh warm drink of milk. And maybe a cuddle and nap. lol well he can be pretty loud and needless to say I asked him to wait till the car, by which time he had forgotten about it.
Isn't it funny though how when your pregnant you get used to people looking at you but after you seem to grow your pride back.
I am very pro breast feeding.It has given me some of the nicest times with all three of my children and some of the sorest too. Love the simple joke in this pic but just the norm for the baby too.
( did I spell that right ) lol


Hawkeye The Noo said...

Maybe the kid prefers chocolate milk to regular lol

Sorlil said...

Hrm...I don't want to think that far ahead!

Tammy said...

Lol husbands uncle had a tatoo above his said sweet milk the other said chocolate milk...never understood that...he must have had quite a few before that tatoo!!
I've seen this picture in an email too...thanks for sharing!

HORIZON said...

I'm all boo boo!!

somershade said...

I love breastfeeding my children.

But a co-worker told me a funny story about a little boy getting a hair cut and he started crying and the mom whipped out the boo boo
and started to tell her son here here boo boo, mean while the hair stylist(a straight male)
Was trying to cut the boys hair while mom was doing her thing and all the others stylist were all dyeing laughing, because they knew this had caught him somewhat off guard.No training for this one in beauty school. He He

slap me happy said...

That one hit home with me (old hairdresser)lol. Would have been so funny to watch. I am not that brave and with the way gravity has taken hold of me the baby would have to be on the floor rofl.

Mimi said...

Adorable photo. Reminds me of my nephew who tried to take a few nips off his older sister's Barbie doll. I breastfed all four of my girls, three of them never got so much as one bottle, the last one weaned on her third birthday. I sometimes miss those sweet times.