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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tag your it...

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Write a book.
2.See my kids settle and be happy.
3.Travel more
4. Live in as many countries as possible
5.Act on Tv or film
6. Buy an Island
7.Say sorry to anyone I have ever hurt.

Seven things I cannot do
1.Pee standing up (too much sprinkle).
3.Drink Alcohol (still breastfeeding).
5.walk a tight rope.
6.Lick my elbow
7.kiss butt!

Seven things that attract me to my hubby
1.His Soul
2.His mind (very intelligent)
3.His strength.
4.His big brown eyes.
5.His love
6.His laugh
7.His heart

Seven books I love
1.Awaken the Giant within by Anthony Robbins
2.You can do it by Paul Hanna
3.Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.
4.Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kyosaki
5.The greatest Salesman in the world by Og Mandino
6.Family first by Dr Phil McGraw
7.My dream journal

Seven movies Id like to watch over and over again
1.Sound of Music
2.Pillow Talk (Doris Day)
3.The power of one
4.Just like Heaven
5.28 days
6.While you were sleeping
7.Sweet Home Alabama

Seven people I'd like to tag
2.Og Mandino
3.Lady Diana
4.Thomas Eddison
5.Donald Trump
6.Henry Ford
7.Dr Phill


HORIZON said...

You can dance!!!!! You are wonderful at dancing. If you say you can't dance then what does that say about my dancing??? lol :)Freaking out here. xx

Tammy said...

I loved your list of who you would want to are an original!!
Thanks for playing!

somershade said...

Great Tags! why didn't I think of that.

that was funny and I like the hubby one.sweet!

I got tagged too, by Tammy. mines boreing compared to yours, A+

I like the saying sorry one and licking your elbow.