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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

There was a wee woman

There was a wee woman
who lived in a shoe
she had five gorgeous boys
so everything was blue.
I thought I'd marry one of them
but it did not get done
but I will always think of her,
as my even "shorter" mum.
I coming home to see her
I am as excited as a frog
but I am going to kill her
for I share a name with her ..DOG !
But when I come home
I will look like a ghost
Tell Matt to boil the eggs
cause I've already made the toast.
Hi Aunty B, am looking forward to seeing you, uncle M and the boys.
75 days to go not that I'm counting.
love you xx S


Tammy said...

You've been tagged with a 7's meme!!

HORIZON said...

Hmm... l wonder who that could be???
Nice one SW.
75 days!!!