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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Addicted to the 80's

Didn't you just love the 80's, Saturday evenings filled with watching the A Team or Baywatch, Chips, Who's the Boss, Mash, there are so many happy happy happy (did I say happy) memories for me in the 80's. The birth of Horizons beautiful Danny and Melissa. Staying over at her house helping her out with the kids and baking betty crocker Chocolate cakes and eating half of the icing before it even got onto the cake.
The reason I am going on about the 80's tonight is because my brother in law N, sent us a link ....
Sis check out Bucks Fizz lol, this web site is bound to fill everyone of us with memories of singing into our hairbrushes and prancing around our rooms in our undies lol. Or was I the only wanna be pop star lol. Toto and africa, watching the video now I can not see why I thought they were handsome lol or Glenn Medeiros did he not know we were meant to get married. What gives there. so much for nothings gonna change my love for you.
Oh and lets not forget Ralph Machio the Karate kid, where did he go. You will all love this site I did lol was on the pc for ages much to Joes disapproval lol.
So enjoy. : )

My mouse has just spat the dummy otherwise there would be more pictures.


Hawkeye The Noo said...

Dukes of hazzard and robin of sherwood should be there, possibly champion the wonderhorse.

Tammy said...

The eighties...lets see...I would put the kid's to bed...pop some popcorn in a pan (no Microwave yet) and settle down to watch Cagnie and Lacy, my favorite 80's show!!
Hate it about the monkey spit...rofl!!

Sorlil said...

hey you forgot Dynasty and Dallas - '80's wouldn't have been the same without JR!

somershade said...

started my career in the 80's,a family,bought my first house.
Lots of new beginigs in the 80's for me,all good!

HORIZON said...

I remember the shoulder pads- lol.

HORIZON said...

Got up this morning, took a visit to that site- wow- how much l loved billy joel-'we didn't start the fire'! lol
also suddenly remembered PacMan machines and playing pool at the YMCA.
Laughed at the Gerald song by VooDoo.:)

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