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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bean " Come on down"

My lovely sister in law A is due her wee baby this coming week. First child so please no horror stories ladies lol. She is very kind hearted and I think she will be an awesome mummy. Good liuck A with the wee one, you can do it !
This picture hmmm, I don't know if it is the real thing but it is nice to think it could be. It is amazing what a womans body is capable of, a real gift. Though we may not be feeling the love in the last stages of labour. But as wee say here in Australia, it's all good.
Remember Bean small head and let all your air out, or you'll be walking before mumy. ( Bean is the wee ones nick name lol)
xxx Aunty Shona


Tammy said...

I've seen this pic in an email before...wondered if it was real...when I was preggers you could see knee's and elbow nubs rub across the belly and the whole belly would shift but never seen the foot imprint...if it is real it is awesome!

HORIZON said...

I saw my first's face, nose and all-lol just kidding. Agree with Tammy, l had the knees, elbows, heels but no full footprint. hmm.
cool pic sis x
Off to bed now, have done a good days graft and am exhausted- what a heatwave we're having!

shellyC said...

I love this photo!!

Best wishes for your SIL and I agree the best thing to wish for is a small head!!!

MissKris said...

Hi, Shona! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the lovely comment! Yes, there's not much chance of snow at this time of year except maybe really far down in the southern Antarctica, haha! We're looking for temps up around 40-45 degrees celsius in the next few days here in Portland but, even if it gets that hot here it's not like the rest of the US that swelters with high humidity in the summers. We don't even have air conditioning here at home...a couple of fans blowing on us at night is about all we need. Hope this finds you having a lovely day!

weirdbunny said...

That picture is so freaky. It's a joke, right?...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Amazing what digital enhancing can do, isn't it?

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope your sister-in-law is well. My daughter has just presented me with my seventh grandchild. It's so nice to have another baby in the family.

All the best :-)

Merle said...

Hi there ~~ I enjoyed reading from your blog. Baby photo is amazing if real.
I like the "I owe my Mother" and have copied it. Thanks for your visit, Glad you liked the poem. My brother, Peter and I have always called poems "pomes"
Sorry you thought it was porn. You wont find that here. I like the child on your sidebar making faces at me.
Take care, Merle.

slap me happy said...

Glad to hear that Merle, have booked eye appt lol

MissKris said...

It's Thursday...just read your comment over at your sister's blog. I have a very dear internet friend from Perth who I met on a chat several years ago and we've become like separated twins, ha! Anyway, it always amazes me how she'll be having heavy frost when I'm in the middle of a heat wave...the idea of the sun being at it's zenith to the NORTH at the equator is something my little pea brain has a hard time fathoming!! I've also heard water goes down the drain counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere, compared to clockwise here up "north". It's a topsy-turvy part of the world you live in, Shona! :-)

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