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Saturday, November 04, 2006

My wee mans ..wee

Hi guys, what a busy week I have had. Firstly Jonah has been having troubles with his wee man. Not big open enough at the end to let out his wee wee. His prepuce (thats foreskin is way too tight) so on Wednesday we have to go to Mater Children's Hospital for a wee op. He is getting the prepuce stretched. Unlike the USA the circumcision rate here in Australia is a lot less common. What can we say we like to be prepared. lol They are now finding uses for the forskin here in Australia like usages as skin grafting for appendix ops etc. Which takes me back to the USA what the hell are ya'll building with that much foreskin lol. Hot air balloon of some giant needs an appendix replacement lol. Any hoo, Jonah has been struggling to get full evacuation for his wee wee which has been causing problems and pain, which no mother likes to see their child in. Also guys a wee surprise approx 3 mm lol Joe and I are Pregnant again. Due next June 29th.
Ps please pray all goes well on Wednesday for the wee guy.


Anonymous said...

Shona! Congratulations on your wonderful news! Hope you are keeping well.

Poor little Jonah, hope all goes well with him and his "wee man" - which my grandsons call their "willie". Only guys could give names to it couldn't they. Imagine if we named our girly bit - what would we call it, apart from fanny?

Enough! This conversation is going downhill rapidly, much like the ones we have around the lunch table at work. Doctors can be soooo gross!

Anyway, Shona, glad to hear your good news and I'll keep my fingers crossed for your little one.

Hugs xoxo

Renae said...

Finally, I have been trying to comment since this morning. Congratulations!! What great news. You guys must be so excited. I have a friend here due June 9th.

Awww, poor little guy. I will keep him in our prayers for all things to go well for him on Wednesday.

Take care, and have a great weekend. Get plenty of rest, you are eating for two now. Indulge, and enjoy. ;-) Renae

p.s. I always liked the name Chelsea Dawn if I had another girl. Got meself fixed so no more babies for me....sniff sniff, sigh...

Sorlil said...

aah poor wee soul, give him lovin and hugs from us and Sorley. I'm sooo excited about bubs number 4 - any ideas whether a boy or girl??
take lots of care xx

Tammy said...

What a cute picture...hehe!!
I do pray all goes well with his surgery and your pregnancy...Congrats again on that!!

Gwen said...

Hi..Shona. Great news for number4,
hope you keep well.
When that little fella grows up it will be interesting to know whether
he thanks you or curses you,

Jeanette said...

Gday Shona
Hope all goes well on wednesday for the wee boy's operation.
Congratulations on your good news
Take care get plenty of rest.

Teresa said...

I hope he comes through with flying colors!!

Cicumcision is also not that common in Europe. I had Kraig there and we had to make a special appointment at the American clinic to get it done.

I think Americans do it now just because people have always done it and you don't want your kid to look different from other kids. Since I don't have one, I just trusted the father to let me know if I should get it done or not.

Anonymous said...

congradulations, that is so exciteing
news. you make cute babies.
Speaking of babies when Jonah grows up and finds out about this post you are in big trouble talking about his wee to everyone,He he he. Hopefully he won't find out(I won't tell):)
jokeing aside I pray all is better for him.

Meow said...

Aaawww, poor little man. Hope the op goes well, and he doesn't suffer too much pain afterwards.
Congratulations on the pregnancy ... how exciting. Hope it is an easy-going pregnancy for you.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

shellyC said...

Tried to comment before but it wouldn't go through.

CONGRATULATIONS about the new baby!!! Fantastic news!!

Glad too that things are looking good for the man and his little man!!

Hope the shade of green you are wearing goes soon! Try the sea sickness bands - they really worked for me.

Rosa said...

Congrats and poor wee wee. Ouch. That has to hurt. Yes, we do circumsize out the yin yang here! Hmmm, I wonder what we do with. Probably throw it away like everything else. Geesh. xoxo

Alice said...

I'm still working my way through a backlog of blogs so I'm a bit late with my sincerest congratulations on your wonderful news. I hope you will stay fit and well throughout and thoroughly enjoy your pregnancy.

I also hope Jonahs little problem will be cured with the need for an operation.